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Seeeduino XIAO Microcontroller SAMD21 Cortex M0+ SAMD21G18 Type C Power I2C UART SPI Interface Support Q-touch For Arduino IDE STM8AF51AATC STM8AF51AA STM8AF51 QFP80 8-bit microcontroller chip 10PCS~100PCS PIC16F1513-I/SS SOP-28 PIC16F1513 16F1513-I/SS SSOP28 NEW Original IC In Stock 10PCS LPC1112FDH28/102 LPC1112F TSSOP28 in stock 100% new and original RP2040 module 0.96 inch display 65K development board compatible with Raspberry Pi Pico PIC16F72 PIC16F72-I/SO Flash Quality Assurance 20PCS Grove Shield V1.0 Digital Analog SWD Debug Plug-and-play Board 10sets/lot MAX7219 dot matrix finished goods 5Pcs ESP8266 ESP-12F Wifi Wireless Module Transceiver Remote Port Network Development 2-10pcs New M22J9VDC0N50M M22J9VDC M22J9VDC-0N50M BGA121 Embedded NXP LPC1769 board, /Cortex-M3 Retail FT232RL USB2.0 to Serial TTL Downloader Supports 3.3V 5V Suitable for STC Microcontroller, 5 Pack Brand AT91SAM7S256D-AU package LQFP-64 5PCS/Lot S3F9488XZZ-QZ88 3F9488XZZ-QZ88 or S3F9488XZZ-AO98 S3F9488XZZ-AOB8 S3F9488XZZ-AQ98 S3F9488XZZ-AQB8 QFP44 10pcs/lot PIC16F1938-I/SS 16F1938 PIC16F1938 28Pin Flash-Based, 8-Bit CMOS Microcontrollers Flexible Mini Based on the Rp2040,dual-core Arm Dual-core ARM Processor 133 MHz Operating Frequency Atmega16a-au ATMEGA16A AVR single microcomputer 8 flash memory tqfp-44 Wholesale 32-bit microcontroller, Ethernet, MAC arm, product one-stop distribution list 2PCS STM32F427VIT6 LQFP-100 STM32F427 LQFP100 32F427 PIC USB Automatic Programming Programmer MCU Microcore Burner K150 + ICSP Cable 1pcs/lot STM32F303RET6 Cortex-M4 Chip line PIC12F629 PIC12F629-I/P bit PLC IPC control relay FX1N-8MR SRD24VDC FX1N 8MR On Atmel SAM3X8E Cortex-M3 CPU DUE R3 ARM32-bit Compatible Nano 48MHZ IDE/IOT System Tool Type-c , High-Performance Interfaces, Pre-Soldered Header Leonardo W5500 Ethernet network hardware TCP / IP 51 STM32 program over W5100 5pcs/lot Dot Matrix 4 One Display 5P Line 1PCS Free Shipping Dual Motor Driver 1A TB6612FNG Better than L298N TB6612 2pcs orginal MSP430F2418TPM LQFP48 M430F2418T MIXED SIGNAL MICROCONTROLLER STM32F103C8T6 STM32F 103C8T6 QFP-48 Freeshipping 50PCS/lot STC12C5A60S2-35I-LQFP44 main Ultraprog Airbag Repair Smartprog ECU Can Crash Data Commercial EEPROMs And STM32F071VBT6 STM32F071 32 f071vbt6 micro 10pcs real STM8L052C6T6 LQFP-48 C8051F380 C8051F380-GQR specializing single-chip 20 PCS photo 12 f617 f617i PIC12F617 - I/SN 5PCS 16F628 PIC16F628A PIC16F628A-I/P DIP-18 microcontrollers STM32F070CBT6 32F070CBT6 CF775-04/P CF775 DIP28 5pcs MC9S12XEP768MAG MC9S12XEP768CAL MC9S12XEP768MAL MC9S12XEP768CAG MC9S12XEP768VAG QFP-112 10Pcs MC9S08AW16 MC9S08AW16CFGE PIC18F6720 PIC18F6720-I/PT Microchip MC9S08SH4CTJ MSH4CTJ TSSOP20 processing TAI imported MAX706RESA SOP8 MAX706R MAX706 CY8C5267LTI-LP089 CY8C5267LTI QFN68 PIC16F628 nanoWatt Technology M058LDN patch products ,STM32F105RCT6 Model:TMS320F28034PNT Brand:TI Encapsulation: LQFP-80 TMS320F2803x real-time Vehicle machine motor 12V1 Series 16-bit 25MHz 64KB (64K x 8) 64-LQFP S9S12G64ACLH 10~100 PIC12F508-I/P DIP-8 Semiconductor -MCU arduino 15F508 I/P GoPro 3.5mm Mic Adapter Gopro Hero 9 Max 7 6 Black Microphone Accessory ZOOM H6 H5 H4N Pro microphone Box Waterproof Shockproof Storage Sealed Travel Case Impact Resistant Suitcase accessorie Foldable Acoustic Isolation Alloy Foams Panel Studio Recording Accessories Car AUX Audio Bluetooth+MIC P-eugeot 307 308 407 RD4 Radio CD Styling Drum Bass Bottom Loudspeaker Voice Sound Amplifier Hole Protection Percussion Spare Parts 2021 Bluetooth Hands-free Call Card Pioneer IP-BUS Stereo electronic accessories automotive.