2-Port HDTV USB KVM 4K Switch Splitter For Shared Monitor Keyboard And Mouse Adaptive HDCP Printer Plug Play High Definition for Sharing HDMI-compatible Box 2 Port Video Display B VGA with 4 Cables, Selector Switcher 4PC One and 3 Devices Hdmi Kvm Support Max 4K@30Hz Input Usb2.0 Hub in 1 Out HDMI Hot Win10 MAC DVI Adapter In 3.0 PC Usb Vga Svga 2.0 1920X1440 Computer HD Devices, wireless keyboard Switch, Output Superspeed 8 Audio Microphone Rack Mount CKL-9138UA ZIHAN PCs Scanner ports switch 1080P/60Hz 4K/30Hz interface Paly pc laptop 2x1 3D UHD 4Kx2K 1080P TV Projector Laptop Windows Linux Chrome OS JUXINICE switcher supports 3-in-1-out, 1-in-3-out functions. It is suitable mobile phone, TV, set top box, Xbox, DVD, quality 16 port 1port / 4port /8port /16port 15 inch usb +ps/2 lcd kvm console Multifunctional Manual D7YC out Keyboard, Controller Computers Peripheral Ports Share Extender IP RJ45 Ethernet Network TCP Cable To Transmission Bi-Direction 1x2/2x1 in1 PS4/3 4-Port Four Hosts TESmart 4k 60hz 4X1 C Type 2-way splitter video monitor phone Unnlink or U Disk 4x2 Matrix Hdmi2.0 HDR dual PC-HDTV by 6500 mAh 6 Cells New Battery LENOVO G580 Z380 Z380AM Y480 G480 V480 Y580 G580AM L11N6R01 L11M6Y01 L11S6Y01 L11L6Y01 Original Rii X8 2.4GHz AZERTY Mini French Wireless Touchpad, changeable color LED Backlit, Li-ion KingSener WDXOR Dell Inspiron 14 7000 5567 7560 5767 7472 7460-d1525s 7368 7378 5565 Latitude 3488 3580 WDX0R 6600mAh Asus A32-F82 a32-f52 F82 K40 K40in K50 K50in k50ij P81 X5A X5E X70 X8A K50ab K42j K51 K60 K61 K70 Logitech M590 2.4g Unifying Bluetooth Dual mode Flow GARMIN EDGE 520/520 Plus Bicycle Speed Meter Back Cover With Repair Replacement Rear 520 CSMHY A31N1601 ASUS VIVOBOOK X541 X541U X541SA X541SC X541UV R541UA R541UA-RB51 F541UA battery SONY VGP-BPS24 PCG-4100 VAIO SVS S13 S13A S15 VPC-SA VPC-SB VPC-SD VPC-SE pcg-41214v 4400MAH JIGU 4ICP5/57/80 AC14B8K KT.0030G.004 KT.0040G.004 FOR ACER E3-111 ES1-711-C1WA R3-131T-C1TR 11.4V AC14B18J AC14B13J Acer Aspire ES1-511 ES1-512 V3-111P CB3-531 311 TravelMate B115 B116 MS2394 7.6V 38WH C21N1509 X556U X556UA X556UB X556UF X556UJ X556UQ X556UV A556U F556UA K556UA K556UV pack A31-K53 A32-K53 A41-K53 A42-k53 A43 A43S A53 K53 K53U K53B K53E X54C X53S X53 K53S X53E 15.1V 91Wh Samsung AA-PLVN8NP ATIV Book 880Z5E NP880Z5E NP880Z5E-X01UB 7.5V 38.2wh/5087mAh DYNR01 new G3HTA027H Microsoft Surface Pro 12.3 Tablet X550DP A450V K550E X750J A550D K751L X751L F450 P750LB X751MA F450C R752L X751MD F450E R752MA 4.0 Multiple Color Rainbow Backlit Rechargeable iOS Android MacBook Baseus GaN Power Bank 10000mAh & 45W Charger PD Fast Charging Charge 1m Xiaomi iP 2020 RGB Silent Mause Ergonomic Gaming Lenovo ThinkPad T440P T540P W540 W541 L440 L540 45N1144 45N1145 45N1148 45N1159 45N1158 45N1160 57+ HP COMPAQ Business Notebook 6510b 6710b 6715b Nc6100 NC6110 NC6120 NC6200 NC6230 Nc6320 NEW 330C-14IKB 15IKB 320C-15 15IBK 330ikb 5000 5000-15 L16S2PB2 L16C2PB2 L16L2PB2 M330 1000DPI Optical Office Home Using PC/Laptop Gamer HSW CQ32 CQ42 CQ43 CQ56 CQ57 CQ58 CQ62 CQ72 HSTNN-DB0W HSTNN-IB0W 15.36V 45WH IdeaPad C340-14API S540-14IML Flex-1 L18C4PF3 L18M4PF4 L18C4PF4 L18M4PF3 L12L4A02 L12L4E01 L12M4A02 L12M4E01 L12S4A02 L12S4E01 G400s Series G405s G410s G500s 7.64V 53WH L15M4PC2 L15L4PC2 YOGA 710-14ISK, 710-14IKB,710-15ISK,710-15IKB,5B10K90778,5B10K90802 11.36V 99.8WH/8790mah original A2113 Apple Macbook A2141 Inch 2019 MVVJ2 MVVL2 MVVM2 610-00533 12V 50Ah 50000mAh 18650 lithium built-in high current 30A BMS sprayers, electric vehicle batterie+12.6V Mute Mode 1000 DPI Multi-Device Mice AA-PBVN3AB SAMSUNG 5 510R NP470 NP470R5E BA43-00358A 43WH.