20V 3.25A Laptop Ac Adapter Charger for Lenovo Helix L440 T431s T450 T450s T550 W550s,Yoga 2 22 11 11s 11e 13 Pro 260 100% Genuine New DC Power Jack socket wire cable harness connector Thinkpad 11E chromebook 01AV989 DD0LI8AD000 L20M3PD4 Battery For ThinkPad E14 E15 Gen2 Gen3 2021 L20C3PD4 L20D3PD4 L19C3PD5 L19D3PD5 L19M3PD5 SHUOZB R14 S3 Gen FE4A0 SH40R19662 5H40S72909 Cooler Fan BAPA0705R5H Y003 M-266C-3 5V 01AY364 00UR732 P50 20EN 20EQ Non-Integrated Motherboards CPU I7-6820HQ 4G with GPU N16P-Q3-A2 M2000M working lenovo X1 Carbon 4th motherboard i7-6600U cpu+16G ram 01AX809 00JT811 14282-2M 448.04P18.002M NOKOTION 04X3744 04Y2040 04W6804 X230T Tablet Motherboard I7-3520M With Heatisnk Original laptop T430s T430si main board i7-3520M UMA fan 04X3675 Akemy P51 i7-7820HQ 4GB Tested OK FRU 01AV362 01AV361 01AV363 01AV373 01AV371 NEW 00UP983 mainboard I7-4600U 8G X1C carbon LMQ-1 MB 12298-2 48.4LY26.021 T440S i7-4600 Integrated Graphics Board 04X3969 04X3963 04X3968 04X3971 test x220 i5 2410M/i7 2620M 2,5ghz 4gb/8gb/16gb HDD/SSD 12,5 1366x768 Camera win7 diagnosis computer pc tablet NM-A581 T460 01AW344 BT462 I7-6500U DDR3L work 04X3679 MAIN BOARD T430S DDR3 01HY153 01HY155 CIZS3 LA-E292P Yoga 370 W/ I7-7500/7600U 8GB RAM fully tested S230U Main 12.5 inch SR0N9 I7-3517U QIPA1 LA-8671P 04X0722 T480S NM-B471 i7 8650U 8G-RAM 01LV616 02HL854 02HL858 Mainboard CE470 NM-A821 E470 E470C Notebook I7 7500U GT940M 2G DDR4 Test Work 5th (2017) NM-B141 7600U/7500U L460 SR2EZ Radeon R5 01YR807 01YR810 BL460 NM-A651 01YU279 EP720 NM-B723 P72 Quadro P3200 6Gb SR3YZ I7-8850H E460 BE460 NM-A551 6500U R7 M360 BE560 NM-A561 E560 E560C 01AW113 M370 LENOVO T470 Core i7-6500U 01HW531 NM-A931 T480 ET480 NM-B501 8650 8550U 01YR340 01YR332 01YR364 L390 LKL-2 18724-1M 448.0FC02.001M 448.0FC02.0011 i7-8565U testing i7-7700HQ M1200 01AV369 01AV360 01AV359 SHELIDA0PS8MB8G0 DA0PS9MB8E0 S2 KEFU Y50-70 Forlenovo LA-B111P Y50p Y50 I7-4710/I7-4720 GTX860 4g HM87 Intel 04W3280 X220T I7-2620M MainboardH0227-3 SR041 QM67 PAILIANG NM-A451 SR32Q I7-7700HQ N17P-Q1-A2 tesed 2016 20FB 20FC CPU:I7-6600U(SR2F1) RAM:8 GB 01LV918 01AX808 AIMT1 NM-A301 T450S i7-5500U/5600U 4GB-RAM Working Fru:00HT756 00HT758 00HT757 KoCoQin I7-5600U 00HT756 BX260 NM-A531 X260 Lapto 20F6 20F5 CPU:I7-6500U(SR2EZ) 01YT039 01HX029 ZIUS1 LA-B591P S5 15 Yoga15 i7-5500U 00NY539 FRU: w VILT0 NM-A052 FOR B50-70 LA-B091P i7-4510U SR1EB RADEON M230 ok 448.03g01.0021 5B20H33198 Flex Pro-15 80K8 TESTED Para X1-Carbon I7-3667U FRU:04x0493 04x0494 04x0495 04x0496 04x0497 04x0498 PANANNY TOSHIBA Portege Z830 i7-2677m 1.8GHz 20MM 20MN 20HH 20HJ DP510 NM-B041 01AV364 01AV374 CPU:I7-7820 L390/L390 I7-8565U 02DL832 Extreme 2nd i7-9850H N18PG0 02HM959 02HM960 02HM961 02HM963 02HM962 02HM964 AILL1 L2 LA-C421P thinkpad L560 SR2F1 GMA HD 520 AITE1 NM-A221 E550 E550C 00HT645 00HT647 5500U M265 2GB P52 i7-8750HQ 01YU220 01YU219 01YU210 01YU209 16822-1 LRV2 448.0A913.0011 i7-7500 16GB 01YR149 SAMXINNO YOGA-14 Laotop 13323-2 I7-4510U X250 VIUX1 NM-A091 5600U 00HT376 00HT383 00HT372 00HT387 NM-A441 P70 original i7-6500/i7-6560 CT470 01HW555 00UR443 01HW556 00UR444 6500 Aptop Daops8mb8g0 Quality Assurance T490 Ram 5B20W75943 5B20W75950 5B20W75971 02HK940 02HK26 01YT354 01YT338 1st 6600/6500U L13 / LAR-1 18834-1M i3-10110U 4 + FRU; 5B20W63678 SZTWDONE L18C4P90 L18M4P90 L18D4P90 02DL030 01DL031 SB10T83119 SB10T83177 5B10W13934 Full Body Cover Skin L15/L14/L13/L13 YOGA Vinyl Decal Sticker Protective Films 10PCS USB Type-C Charging Port Connector L14 L15 T440P T440 E555 E531 T431S T540P W540 L540 E540 touch pad touchpad Clickpad Mouse Pad.